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About Us

Grotech Data Solutions supply software solutions to a range of small and medium sized companies to help improve their business processes and so reduce costs and increase profitability. Our solutions are flexible and can be easily configured to specific requirements.

As well as providing day to day business software features such as purchase invoice matching, multi-stage dispatching and manufacturing execution, we also provide a comprehensive modular interface for Sage 50 – providing many additional features which generally are only available as expensive bolt ons or ERP systems.

Founded in 2006 by Neale Cook as WBSolutions, the company began life as a software consultancy and development company, supplying bespoke web based solutions for a range of SMEs and specialising in working with the UK accounts system Sage 50.

WBSolutions then went on to develop a web based software system specialising in managing the business process for manufacturing, warehouse and distribution companies.

When Grotech Production were looking for a complete web based solution for their manufacturing software, they opted for a solution from WBSolutions as it provided the full functionality they required – including realtime shop floor data collection to accurately track, monitor and analyse OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness).

Grotech Production were so impressed by the bespoke software features that WBSolutions had created for them that they wanted to share its benefits with other manufacturing SMEs and they purchased the company in 2019 to form Grotech Data Solutions.

Grotech Data Solutions continues to further develop, update and improve the software.  With feedback from staff at Grotech Production, and a manufacturing environment to thoroughly trial the software on the shop floor, GDS can offer manufacturers tried and tested software that really delivers in the real world.

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