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Purchase Order Software

Fully configurable

Turn off attributes or add new ones

Then rearrange the screen to fit your exact requirements


screenshot of purchase order screen


  • Fully configurable screen 
  • ​Prints or e-mails orders to suppliers
  • Set PO Limits for individuals  
  •  Indicate if a unit cost has been agreed with supplier
  • Order either a stock item or a non stock item
  • Attach the PO directly to a works order
  • Edit a standard product description
  • ​Override tax codes for individual lines or the whole PO


screenshot of delivery and grn screen


  • Fully configurable screen
  • ​Book in batch numbers
  • Book in goods to any default location 
  • Cost of goods updated in real time
  • Stock valuation updated in real time
  • Manage stock and non stock items
  • Multiple deliveries against a PO 
  • Automatically record person booking in goods
  • Automatically record date and time of goods in
Access the cloud based purchase order system from anywhere
With an easy to use interface it is easy for non finance staff to get to grips with
screenshot of po system menu
  • Multi–currency options
  • Cloud based – create and approve purchase orders from anywhere
  • Store all supplier price lists including lead times
  • Supplier approvals
  • Monitor late deliveries of ordered products
  • Outstanding purchase order reports by supplier, date etc
  • Comprehensive purchase history of all items
  • Raise purchase orders using logged supplier prices
  • Multiple user definable columns – allows user to store extra customer information
  • Full delivery process and automatic stock adjustment for stock items
  • Full visibility of historic POs, products ordered, GRNs etc
  • Modify goods received notes
  • Record incoming quotes from suppliers
  • Reconcile supplier invoice with purchase orders and goods received

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