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Sage 50 Addons

Use Grotech Data Solutions software modules as addons to Sage 50

Grotech Data Solutions software can connect to Sage 50 in real time, allowing the GDS modules to be used as addons to a Sage 50 system. GDS uses a Sage 50 link to both read and write data between the two systems. Typical benefits can be –

Use Sage 50 picking and packing together with full sales and purchase order processing within the GDS system, then send invoices to Sage 50 when goods are dispatched

Take orders from anywhere using the Sage 50 portal

Use the Sage 50 Manufacturing Link to manage the complete manufacturing process using GDS software and sell product from within Sage 50

Manage stock from multiple locations with Sage 50 picking and packing


The GDS Sage 50 link can read data from Sage 50 (such as products, customers, suppliers etc) and automatically update Grotech Data Solutions software when changes are made in Sage 50.
This real time synchronisation process allows GDS modules to be used as Sage 50 addons, thus improving functionality of Sage 50.


In the same way, data written to the Grotech Data Solutions software can be written to Sage 50 automatically.  For example, when reducing stock of raw materials and increasing stock of finished goods using the GDS Manufacturing module, these stock changes are automatically updated within Sage 50.

your employees - Sage 50 - GDS System
shopping carts and keyboard

Sage 50 Sales Portal

The Grotech Data Solutions portal can be configured to work as a Sage 50 Portal, so orders can be added directly into Sage 50 from anywhere.  This offers an easy way for sales agents or shops to enter their own orders 24 hours a day from anywhere.  The orders can then be reviewed and dispatched in the usual way, saving office time and speeding up the sales process.

boxes being sorted in warehouse

Sage 50 Pick and Dispatch Configuration

Use GDS software to access data such as customer details and credit information directly from Sage 50.  Then manage sales, purchases, stock levels at multiple locations and barcode scanning for dispatch of goods from within GDS.  Any final invoices can then be sent to Sage 50 for payment.  Ideal for warehousing and distribution businesses. 

factory production line

Sage 50 Manufacture Configuration

1 – Leave the sales, purchases, dispatch and stock control within Sage 50 and let GDS take care of the manufacturing processes such as bills of material and job costings.  Or
2 – Use GDS to manage all sales and purchasing order processing and send the invoice to Sage 50 when goods are dispatched.  This allows for use of the entire functionality of GDS software, including stock control at multiple locations, batch control and job tracking with barcodes or tablets. 

The above are just a few examples of how Grotech Data Solutions can provide software modules to improve functionality of Sage 50. If you would like further details, please email us here or give us a call on 01405 955002