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Inventory Management Software

Accurate stock in real time at multiple locations is now a reality

warehouse with stacks of shelving
Store and pick stock from multiple locations
hand held barcode scanner scanning product boxes
Hand held barcode scanners for picking with full batch control

GDS offer a feature rich stock control system that is flexible and fully configurable to your specific requirements

We include the option of hand held barcode scanners for easy sales order picking and updating, with the option of full batch control

screenshot of the stock location screen
  • Fully configurable screen
  • Easy import export from a spreadsheet
  • Accurate stock at multiple locations
  • Full batch control across multiple locations
  • Manages minimum maximum quantities at each location
  • Direct update in real time from hand held barcode scanners
  • Easy transfer of stock between multiple locations
  • Easy to add locations
screenshot of stock audit screen
  • Fully configurable screen
  • ​Full audit of every transaction within the GDS system
  • Records all inputs in real time from hand held barcode scanners 
  • Up to date stock valuation before and after each transaction
  • Various costing methods available such as Std Cost, Average etc.
  • Shows fast moving and slow moving goods
  • Full history of all stock movements
  • Who picked products and when

If you are looking for a stock control system that manages stock over multiple locations with full batch control using hand held barcode scanners, please email us here or give us a call on 01405 955002