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Customer Solutions

All customer solutions are customised to their specific requirements for both warehouse and manufacture requirements.  Most customers use Bar-codes for real time data collection either to manage stock or track production.  

Warehouse Batch Control & Stock Management

Wholesale Business – Coventry
A UK and international Wholesale business to business distributor of house hold goods. They supply all leading household brands in batteries,smoking accessories, toiletries and medicines.
The new GDS warehouse system allows them to take a tighter control on margins and full batch control on certain products and manage their stock with confidence.  

Monitoring of Confirmed Orders against Quotations

Valve Distributor – Doncaster
A distributor of cryogenic valves to  top international gas companies around the world.
They use the GDS system to generate all their quotations and once confirmed simply send to Sage 50 for dispatch and invoice. This approach allows them to standardize their quotations and monitor the ratio of quotes to confirmed orders.  

Job Tracking & Planning with Short Lead Times

Plating Company – Sheffield
A high quality plating and surface finishing company with short lead times and friendly advice.
They use the GDS system from order taking right through to manufacture and dispatch. They use job tracking to track work throughout the complete process and plan in advance where work will be so they can prepare. This allows them to continue to improve their fast and on time delivery which in turn improves customer service.      

Real Time Shop Floor Data

Shower Manufacturer – Cumbria
A manufacture and dispatch system using the standard GDS manufacturing module configured to their requirements. It links to Sage in real time to enable production planning. Information is updated real time on the shop floor from Ipads.   

Managing Stock at Multiple Warehouses

Battery Distributor – Hertfordshire
A large distributor of lead acid batteries with warehouses  around the country.
They require real time and accurate stock levels in each warehouse. The GDS system manages their stock at multiple warehouses across the country as products are received and dispatched using barcodes. This live information is also available to their website allowing them to click and collect from any location.  

Costing & Purchasing System in Different Currencies

International Distributor – Bolton
An international product costing and purchasing system used across it’s different companies covering America, UK and Australia. The internet based system manages various currencies and has full company security to allow for various levels of access. It replaces a complicated spreadsheet system and reduces errors while increasing efficiency of all companies.

Linking to Sage in Real Time

Arts Supply Manufacturer – York
A standard producing system from sales orders in Sage 50 through production and batch production to dispatch and invoice. The system streamlines the whole production process and replaces a wide range of spreadsheets making it easier to check what orders are completed and which are still outstanding. It uses our standard Sage 50 add-ons in both updating and reading real time information from Sage 50.

Bills of Material & Assembly Orders

Manufacturer – Doncaster
A production system that focuses on Bills of material and Manufacturing assembly orders. This system allows the company to plan production then record the amount of time actually taken by use of a simple employee time sheet.

Manufacturing Efficiency Calculations

International Manufacturer – Bolton
A full production system with multiple work stations swiping on and off jobs in real time. The system manages stock and updated real time to sage 50 along with comparing actual time takes against actual time in order to calculate efficiency.

Manufacturing Production Planning

Animal Feeds Manufacturer – Cheshire
The system works with their existing bespoke Visual Foxpro sales order system to plan production. Production is planned in a 2 week forward looking window from open sales orders and projected stock allowing the company to plan production and work to projected stock levels.

Real Time Margin Calculations

Ink Manufacturer – Poole
Using our standard Sage add-ons the system calculated real time the exact margin on all invoices and shows this by customer or sales representative. The system is accessed anywhere in the works and gives up to date KPI information at the touch of a button.

Multi Level Bill of Materials

Safety Equipment Supplier – Morley
The system uses our standard multilevel Bill of Material to define all the stages of the radar assembly including all it’s sub assemblies. It uses the BOM structure to calculate the overall cost and delivery of a batch of radars. It then automatically manages the assembly process as they are moved from various locations.

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